Stretch Films

Hand-Applied Stretch Films

Hand-applied stretch films offer a great way to contain loads on pallets, machinery, or loose, bulky items. They are available in either traditional cast film, or high performance pre-stretch film. Both offer great load containment and puncture resistance, but pre-stretch film is lighter, more ergonomic, and edges won’t crack or split as easily as traditional films.

Machine-Applied Stretch Films

Machine-applied stretch films are sold in pallet (40 rolls) quantity only. We offer great choices in both standard film and high performance, multi-layer Loadstar films. Be sure to notice the difference in lineal footage before making a purchasing decision. Surprisingly, cost per lineal foot is usually lower on multi-layer films.

Hand Banding/Bundling Films

Both our 3″ & 5″ width hand banding/bundling films are 120 gauge in thickness for exceptional strength and holding power. They will not leave any sticky residue like tape, and are a great replacement for strapping, twine, rope, tape or wire. Perfect for securing drawers or doors on furniture when moving, bundling firewood, parts, fishing poles, etc. Excellent cling, very strong and easy to use. Full case purchases include a free application handle.

Stretch Film Dispensers

Dispensers provide ease of application for hand-applied and banding/bundling stretch films. Economical and easy to use, dispensers provide solutions for better ergonomics and control of wrapping with stretch films.