Carton Sealing Tapes

Clear carton sealing tapes are made with premium adhesives for clarity and low odor. Great for hand or tape gun dispensing. Available with acryrilic or hot melt adhesives, tamper-evident, several thicknesses and tensile strengths, and also as reinforced gummed paper tape. Acrylic adhesive tapes have a wider effective temperature range than other tape choices.

Premium Performance Acrylic Tapes

Standard Performance Acrylic Tapes

Hot Melt Tapes

Pre-Printed Tape

Water Activated Paper Tape

Reinforced Fiber Strapping Tapes

Strong adhesive tape reinforced with fiberglass strands for high tensile strength and flexibility. Great for many packaging needs including sealing/reinforcing boxes, bundling and adding strength when needed.

Filament Tape

Duct Tape

Great for indoor or outdoor applications. This tape offers excellent shear values to surface and backing. Recommended for HVAC applications, general construction, handyman and household uses.

Tape Dispensers

Tape dispensers are available for manual carton sealing and applying label protection tapes. Ergonomic pistol grip dispensers are available in both 2″ and 3″ capacity with different features. Tabletop label protection tape dispenser will handle up to 4″ wide tapes.

Water Activated Paper Tape Dispensers

Print Wiz – Print Your Own Tape!

Create your own custom printed tape with the new Print Wiz!

The Print Wiz is a hand-held tape dispenser that creates printed tape as needed. The dispenser will print a short message onto the adhesive side of the tape. You have the option of using acrylic or hot melt tape with any mil thickness and a variety of colors. A great alternative to traditional custom printed tapes that require large minimum orders.